At Duxar, we take pride in paying attention to imperative detail. This is what gives us the advantage and takes us to the next level of value. Utilizing the best names in the industry including Stronghand, Bailiegh Industrial, Ellis, Miller, Wilton, and Torchmate, we have the ability to fabricate modest to the most intricate geometry parts improving efficiency and accuracy.

Duxar has a vast background in welding technology and can produce high quality welds on materials such as mild steel, chromolly, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. We utilize the latest in mig and inverter tig welding equipment and gas lens coverage welding hardware to ensure the excellence we live by.


  • Code welding & fabrication of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum & more
  • Pipe fabrication & installation
  • Heavy equipment repairs
  • Industrial boiler installation & repairs
  • Tank & vessel fabrication, installation & repairs
  • Structural steel fabrication, installation & modifications
  • Heavy rigging/equipment relocating
  • Plant maintenance
  • Millwriting