We offers a wide range of services for creating molds, resin composites, custom fiberglass fabrications, assembly, and finishing your fiberglass product needs. Our expert knowledge and experience with fiberglass fabrication makes us an unmatched leader in the industry, able to handle small to very large molds. Whether it is a large small run, one-off or ongoing parts, please request a quote to see how competitive our prices and turn-times can be.

Our Process

We fabricate with quality FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) to create a mold based off of your pattern of the desired part. If you don't have a pattern, we also can create molds off of hand-building or CNC machine 3D CAD file patterns.

Open or Closed

We offer both open faced contact molding and closed molding. Based on your project scope, Sunrise Fiberglass has many process and material options.
Our closed molding operations utilize LRTM (light resin transfer molding), CCBM (closed cavity bag molding), and VIP (vacuum infusion process).
Open face molding includes hand lay-up and spray-up techniques.

Materials Used

Thermoset Resins: polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy
Resin applications: Fire retardant, tooling grade, food grade, chemical resistant, UV resistant, 
Reinforcement: Fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid (Kevlar), other exotics

RTM Lite

RTM Lite Resin transfer molding (RTM) allows for reduced emissions, tighter tolerances, and a smooth finished surface on both side versus conventional open molding. Sunrise fiberglass has been using this process for years in our daily operations.